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Program and Source

This version is succeeded by a more recent version of MESH.

Known Issues

The new inline routing option (RTE) does not initialize channel storage using the first record of measured streamflow, like the existing inline routing option (WF_ROUTE). All channels are initialized with zero storage.
Line truncation in RTE results in a coefficient of 0.66 being used in flow calculations, instead of 0.667 as intended.

General Updates

MESH 1.4.1064 adds a new experimental inline option for channel routing (RTE). The option uses the same physics as in standalone WATROUTE (RPN_watroute), but is not completely implemented and does not include reservoir routing, streamflow insertion, resume functionality, temporally-driven parameterization, or diversions.

Parameterization of RTE requires river class based parameterization using version 2.0 of MESH_parameters_hydrology.ini or with fully-distributed fields using MESH_parameters.r2c. RTE requires new parameters. The WF_R2, WF_A1, WF_A2, WF_A3, and WF_A4 parameters for WF_ROUTE do not transfer.

Migrating to MESH 1.4

See the migration notes for the MESH 1.4.1022. All the same formatting changes are required for this version.

Revision History

May 1, 2017

General Updates



Standalone WATROUTE (RPN_watroute)