The High Resolution Deterministic Prediction System or HRDPS is a set of nested limited-area model (LAM) forecast grids from the non hydrostatic version of the Global Environmental Multiscale (GEM) model with a 2.5 km horizontal grid spacing for the inner domain over one main Pan-Canadian region and a northern region over the Arctic archipelago and Greenland. The pilot model of the HRDPS is the Regional Deterministic Prediction System or RDPS (GEM Regional model). 


Temporal resolution1-hour
Temporal extent2001/10-present
Spatial resolution

0.22 deg (~24 km): 2001/10-2004/05/17
0.1375 deg (~15 km): 2004/05/18-2012/10/02
10 km (likely 0.09 deg): 2012/10/03-present
0.0225 degree (~2.5 km): 2012/10/03-present

Spatial extent

North America: 2016/09/08-present
Canada, Mexico, conterminous US: 2010/11-present
Canada, continental US: 2001/10-present

VariablesPrecipitation, temperature, pressure, specific humidity, wind speed, downward SWR, downward LWR
Ensemble membersNone
Formatfst (with rmnlib), ASCII, GRIB 2 (convertable to NetCDF)
Local access1
Public access2
  1. Local access is only accessible to those who have access to the provided network share, and is not accessible otherwise
  2. A subset of the data is available from this website


  • Wind, temperature and specific humidity are reported at the height of 40 m.
  • Wind at 10 m and temperature, specific humidity at 2 m available from 2010/01-present.
  • Data from 00,12h forecasts available from 2001/10.
  • Addition of 06,18h forecasts from 2010/01.

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