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MESH - A Community Hydrology - Land Surface Model

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SVS is a land surface scheme developed at the Canadian Meteorological Centre (Environment and Climate Change Canada, Dorval, Quebec).

SVS Version 1.0

The scientific documentation of SVS 1.0 is available here. The model is also described in Alavi et al. (2016) and Husain et al. (2016).

Note that the scientific documentation above can be useful to understand the general structure of the SVS land-surface scheme.

However, it refers to one of the first SVS 1.0 versions, and this documentation is not up-to-date with the current SVS 1.0 versions in terms of many equations used in the model.

A new documentation is currently in progress but the 2 files below give an up-to-date overview of SVS 1.0.

This file describes SVS 1.0 prognostic variables (i.e., variables calculated by SVS and which need to be initialized when running SVS).

This picture presents a schema showing the spatial and vertical discretization used by SVS.

SVS Version 2.0

SVS v2.0 is still under development. It is suggested not to use it yet. It includes a multi-layer snow-scheme and the representation of thermal diffusion along the soil column to represent freeze/thaw processes.

How to get the code?

The most recent version of SVS is not yet implemented in recent Standalone MESH releases. In the meanwhile, a version of MESH which includes the latest SVS release can be downloaded here.

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