MESH - A Community Hydrology - Land Surface Model

Program and Source

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Known Issues

There are no known issues with this version of MESH.

General Updates

This version of MESH contains the same features as SA_MESH_1.4.1022, and additional bug-fixes.

Migrating to MESH 1.4

See the migration notes for the MESH 1.4.1022. All the same formatting changes are required for this version.

Migrating from SA_MESH_1.4.1022 requires no changes.

Revision History

February 31, 2017

General Updates

  • Removed the requirement that 5 values are required for WF_R2 when less than 5 river classes exist
  • Added a diagnostic summary of the average, minimum, and maximum values of the states for each GRU to the diagnostic output file, printed at the end of the run in the format required for the section of prognostic values in the CLASS input file, which can help to reinitialize the model without using resume states
  • Added printing a lookup table of tile ID to grid and GRU index to the diagnostic output file if DIAGNOSEMODE is enabled
  • Fixed the allocation of GRU state variables
  • Added the option to use the NRSOILAYEREADFLAG control flag to specify how many values to read from the CLASS input file for soil parameters and initial values (previously it was 3 with option 0 or the total number of soil layers with option 1); details here
  • Added the "ns" option for BASINAVGWBFILEFLAG to create a series of the Basin_average_water_balance.csv output files for subbasins that terminate at streamflow gauge locations (specified in MESH_input_streamflow.txt)
  • Fixed the order of the LQWS, FRWS, and ALWS columns for specific soil layers in the Basin_average_water_balance.csv output file to match the column labels (the order of the total LQWS, FRWS, and ALWS, which are listed after these columns for specific soil layers, was unaffected)
  • Updated the version to "1037"

Climate Forcing Files

  • Changed the default file format for meteorological forcing to the r2c text format ("file format" option 1) if no BASIN*FLAGS control flags are listed in MESH_input_run_options.ini

Standalone WATROUTE (RPN_watroute)

  • Updated the RPN_watroute code


  • Added handling for the case when the value of the METRICSSPINUP control flag exceeds the number of simulation days in the run
  • Modified the calculation of "drms" and "abserr" to consider the spin-up period (if provided with METRICSSPINUP)