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This article explains how a campus user can complete and submit the "Honorarium Template" to allow for bulk submissions to ConnectionPoint.

The bulk submission process excludes:

  1. First time payments to Honorarium Recipients
  2. Cultural Service Providers 

Why are these excluded?

  • Social Insurance Number (SIN), date of birth (DOB) and direct deposit information are required for setting up and issuing a first time payment to an Honorarium Recipient or Cultural Service Provider.
  • SIN and DOB should never be sent electronically on documents, which is why the "Honorarium Template for bulk submissions" is not allowed as you have to send the information to us on an excel file!  
    • SIN and DOB should always be entered directly into the secure fields of the Honorarium eForm or Cultural Service Provider eForm.  
    • If SIN and DOB were collected after an eForm has been submitted, please add a comment on the eForm stating: I have collected SIN and DOB and require ConnectionPoint to contact me to verbally obtain the confidential information.