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Human Research Ethics Approval is granted for one year, provided there is no change to the approved protocol or consent process. The initial Certificate of Approval includes the approval period the Research Ethics Board (REB) has assigned to your study. If your research is continuing past the expiry date, you must submit a renewal form by the deadline for the applicable Biomedical or Behavioural REB meeting (i.e. the expiry date must be on or after the REB meeting date and prior to the date of the subsequent REB meeting):

The REB requires that a renewal form be submitted once per year until all of the data has been collected, all contact with research participants has concluded and the closure of the research has been acknowledged by the REB.

If the research received initial approval via delegated review it may undergo delegated review at the time of renewal. Research that was previously reviewed by the full board may also be reviewed at the time of renewal using delegated review procedures if certain conditions are met.

If a renewal meets the criteria for full board review, the REB will discuss the research at a Full Board meeting and will make a decision regarding the continued approval of the research, as well as any other additional determinations regarding the conduct of the research, as applicable.

If a renewal or closure form is not submitted to the ethics office by the expiry date, a warning notice will be issued to you. After the expiry date, the research is out of compliance, and you must cease all research activities. If the REB approval lapses and you want to continue with the research, you must submit a renewal form within one month of the current expiry date.

Questions? Contact the Research Ethics Office at 306-966-2975 or