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If you are unsure of your One45 log-in details, you can receive immediate assistance.  A one-time auto-login option is available on the One45 login page to provide you with temporary access to complete your evaluations.

To get assistance with your NSID or its password you can contact us at:

This content applies to:

  • Non-USask users of One45


  • One45
  • Web browser


The only password used to log in to One45 is your NSID's password. You cannot reset your NSID's password within One45. Non-USask users do not use a password to log in and cannot manually log in, because they don't have an NSID/password. That means non-USask users cannot access One45 with anything other than using an emailed auto-login hyperlink.

To have a one-time auto-login hyperlink for One45 emailed to you immediately:

  1. Visit the One45 login page at:

  2. Click the Login button. Do not use the "Login with your NSID" button.

  3. Click the link named "Need help logging in?"

  4. Enter your email address in the "Send email reminder to" field.

    This must be the same email address on file for your One45 account. If in doubt, try your (e.g.

  5. Click the "Send email reminder" button.

    If you have entered an invalid email address (ie. not the same address as what we have on file for your One45 account), you'll see the message below. This means you will need to either try again with a different email address, or you'll need to contact us for assistance.

  6. Check your email for the new message.

Upon successfully submitting your valid email address into the email reminder field, a success message will notify you that the email has been sent.  Simply follow the instructions in that email message to temporarily access your One45 evaluations or set a new password. The auto-login hyperlink in that message can only be used once, but you can resend yourself a new hyperlink again if needed.

  • Non-USask users will be prompted to set a new password before the system takes you to your evaluations.
  • USask users will be taken directly to your One45 account when you click the hyperlink.