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The Academic Video Service (Powered by Panopto) engages students and enhances instruction by providing access to video content throughout the teaching, learning and discovery experience. Integrated with our Blackboard Learning Management System, this service provides faculty, staff and students with simple and easy-to-use tools to record, edit, manage and distribute video content. It can be used for lecture recording, creating content for inclusion in courses, student assignment submissions and much more. Recordings are viewable by eligible users on most Web browsers and mobile devices.

 Getting Started for Instructors
 How do I provision Panopto for my online course?

Provisioning for 202005 and 202007 terms

Because of our transition to Remote Teaching for the 202005 and 202007 terms, we are bulk provisioning as many courses as possible for instructors. So, you may find that the step below is already done for you.

 How do I schedule my lecture recordings?

Self-service scheduling does not work for courses in WCVM, any non-credit courses, or any course not managed by the Student Information System. If you have questions about this tool and whether it will work for you, please contact IT Support Services.

 What classrooms can I schedule lecture recordings in?

 All of the 150 classrooms on the following list are equipped with the capability for you to schedule recording of your lectures via our Schedule Classroom Recordings tool in Blackboard. All of the rooms on this list have the ability to record your audio and your computer screen(s). Some of the larger classrooms are equipped with cameras to record video of the podium at the front of the class or (in some cases) the whiteboard at the front of the room.

AGRI 1E85  

ARCH 124  

ARTS 133  

ARTS 208  

BIOL 123  

EDUC 1024  

EDUC 2014  

ENG 2C88

ESB 3  


HLTH 3254


MURRY 145  

PHYSIC 130  

WCVM 2102  

AGRI 2C61  

ARCH 132  

ARTS 134  

ARTS 210  

BIOL 124  

EDUC 1031  

EDUC 2060  

ESB 103  

ESB 45  


HLTH 3450

KIRK 144  

MURRY 299  

PHYSIC 165  

WCVM 2104  

AGRI 2C71  

ARTS 100  

ARTS 143  

ARTS 211  

BIOL 125  

EDUC 1033  

EDUC 3133  

ESB 112  

ESB 46  

HLTH 1B11  

HLTH 4219  

KIRK 319  

NASSER 112  

PMB 120  

WCVM 2105  

AGRI 2D77  

ARTS 101  

ARTS 146  

ARTS 212  

DENT 334  

EDUC 1036  

ENG 1B12  

ESB 116  

GEOL 155  

HLTH 2254

HLTH 4254

LAW 135  

ORR CENTRE 4400 138  

THORV 105  

WCVM 2106  

AGRI 2E11  

ARTS 102  

ARTS 153  

ARTS 213  

DENT 335  

EDUC 1039  

ENG 1B71  

ESB 12  

GEOL 161  

HLTH 2330


LAW 150  

PAC 232  

THORV 110  

WCVM 2110  

AGRI 2E17  

ARTS 104  

ARTS 200  

ARTS 214  

DIEF 137  

EDUC 1251  

ENG 1B77  

ESB 144  

GEOL 165  

HLTH 2332


LAW 30  

PAC 246  

THORV 124  

WCVM 2115  

AGRI 2E25  

ARTS 105  

ARTS 202  

ARTS 217  

EDUC 10  

EDUC 2002  

ENG 2A2  

ESB 157  

GEOL 255  

HLTH 2334


LAW 64  

PHYSIC 103  

THORV 159  

WCVM 2302  

AGRI 2E83  

ARTS 106  

ARTS 203  

ARTS 241  

EDUC 1003  

EDUC 2005  

ENG 2B04

ESB 18  

GEOL 261  

HLTH 2472


LAW 74  

PHYSIC 107  

THORV 205A  

WCVM 2527  

AGRI 5C61  

ARTS 108  

ARTS 206  

ARTS 263  

EDUC 1004  

EDUC 2009  

ENG 2C02

ESB 243  

HLTH 1130  



LAW 78  

PHYSIC 126  

THORV 271  

WCVM 2587  

ARCH 112  

ARTS 109  

ARTS 207  

BIOL 106  

EDUC 1022  

EDUC 2010  

ENG 2C40

ESB 244  

HLTH 1150  

HLTH 3100


LAW B16  

PHYSIC 128  

THORV S320  

WCVM 4103  

 How do I manage and share my content?

 How do I record and webcast my lectures or seminars?

 How do I publish videos as course content?

 How do I use Panopto in my "flipped classroom"?

For more detailed information and how-to guides check out our Collection of Academic Video Knowledge Base Articles.

 Getting Started for Students
 How do I submit a video assignment?

1. Install the Panopto Personal Recorder app for your computer or device. For Windows and Mac Computers, logon to to download the app. On iOS and Android devices, install the Panopto app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

2. Submit your assignment using a Windows or Mac computer:

a) If your Instructor has created a regular Blackboard Assignment for submission:

b) If your Instructor has setup a Panopto Assignment Folder in Blackboard for submission:

i. Log into your Blackboard and navigate to Tools → Panopto Content → Assignments folder, then:

Submit your assignment on a Windows computer

Submit your assignment on a Mac

ii. If you have an existing video file, click on the green Create button, then choose "Upload media". (Check the Panopto Supported Media Types)

iii. Submit your assignment using an iOS or Android device by following the guide, "How do I record and upload from a mobile device?", and remember to choose the Blackboard Panopto Assignment folder as your destination.

 How do I record and upload from a mobile device?

On an Android device, recording is done through the device's Camera or Video app and saved to the device's Gallery. Upload is done from Android Panopto app.

For more detailed information and how-to guides check out our Collection of Academic Video Knowledge Base Articles.

 Additional Resources
 Academic Video Support