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The U of S ePortfolio Service is a fully featured electronic portfolio system with social networking features to create online learning communities. It offers a private space for students to store and share their work and reflection that is not tied to a course, but rather belongs to them so long as they are registered as a student or alumni at the UofS. Each student’s eportfolio is private unless they choose to share it. In addition to staring and showcasing student’s development toward meeting various professional competencies, students are able to join groups set up either by themselves or an instructor, participate in group discussion forums, and post comments and documents in shared group spaces of which they are members. Instructors are able to build templates that students may copy, which can contain downloadable resources, activities, reflective prompts, multimedia, and more. As an assessment tool, ePortfolios eliminate the need to collect large amounts of paper copy or binders from students, and instructors may leave comments on each page of a student’s ePortfolio as feedback. All data is stored locally and the Mahara ePortfolio tool is supported by ICT.

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