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Instructions on how to recover a new password.

This content applies to:

  • All Faculty, Staff, Students, and Alumni.


You will need to have one or more recovery options set and verified before you can self-recover a password.

New Employees: Your password recovery option has been defaulted to the personal email address that was either used on your offer letter, provided on your personal data form, or provided by the department.

Password Synchronization Delay

Your new password may take a few minutes to synchronize with all services. Please wait at least 5 minutes after resetting your password before attempting to login with your new password (including to MyProfile).

  1. Access the USask MyProfile page:

  2. Click Forgot password?

  3. Enter your NSID and click Continue.

  4. Choose an option to reset your password (email address, SMS or by answering security questions).

    You will only see the recover options that you have set and verified.

  5. If you select reset my password with my email, click the here link to send a recovery code to external email address.

  6. Type the code you have received via email into the text box and click Verify.

  7. Type in a new password into the first field, retype to verify in the second field and the click Reset password.

The text above the fields are the USask password requirements. One or more will turn red after you enter your password to indicate which requirement was not met.

You are ready to use the new password.

You will need to update your password if it was saved on a device or browser.