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Step by step instructions on how to change a password using My Profile.

This content applies to: 

  • All Faculty, Staff, Students, and Alumni.


  • PAWS
  • My Profile


Password Synchronization Delay

There is a delay from changing your password to it taking effect with all CAS-protected services (e.g. PAWS, MyProfile, AboutUs, etc.). Do NOT change your password again during this time. Normally it takes about 15 minutes; however, we are currently experiencing longer wait times than usual.

If you require assistance, please contact

  1. Login to My Profile. Make sure to have your Multi-Factor Authentication method on hand (e.g. your cell phone), as you will be prompted to verify your log in using whichever MFA method you set up.

  2. Click Edit in the Password section:

  3. Under the Change tab, fill in the required fields, ensuring you follow the outlined password rules:

    Based on the password you are entering, you may also receive prompts at the bottom of the screen indicating the suitability of your password. Such wording may include:

    • This is a commonly used password that is not secure, you must use another one.
    • Your password contains invalid characters, it can only include the following symbols: ~ ^ + _ - { } | . [ ] ? /

  4. Once you have selected a password that meets the criteria, you will receive a Password Complexity level and the Save Changes button will be available. 

    There are four different Password Complexity levels. Create a password that is at least Very Good or Excellent, and avoid passwords that are Too Weak and Good.

    You can choose to have a password generated for you by clicking on Suggest Password and indicating the length. Copy and paste the password into the New Password and Confirm New Password fields. Make sure you store this password safely in a password manager or commit it to your memory, so that it will be available to you the next time you log in. You will need this password to log into your computer so do not store it in a file, such as a Word document, on your device.

  5. Once you have entered a matching password in the New Password and Confirm New Password fields, click Save Changes.

    Please wait at least 15 minutes after resetting your password before attempting to login with your new password. Do not change your password again during this time. It will take approximately 15 minutes for your new password to sync to all CAS-protected services (e.g. PAWS, MyProfile, AboutUs, etc.). 

  6. Update your password for the following services, if applicable:
  • VPN: If you are working remotely (off-campus), then you will need to enter your new password to log onto the VPN.
  • Wi-Fi: Any devices that connect to any USask Wi-Fi networks will need to be reset with your new login credentials.
  • Apple: If you use an Apple device, you will need to take additional steps to synchronize your new password.
  • Password Managers: If you use an external password manager, update your password there.

It is recommended that you do not save your password on your device or browser. Instead, consider using a Password Manager, which is a helpful tool to securely store and remember all of your passwords. 

Set Up Password Recovery Options

Make sure you have password recovery options set up and that they are up to date. Recovery options can include a secondary email address, SMS notification, or security questions.