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This page contains the official release of the MESH code.


  • The major number is incremented when a significant change to the code or framework has occurred that breaks lineage with previous versions
  • The minor number is incremented when a significant change to the code has occurred, and the results and outputs from the new release may significantly differ from the results and outputs from the previous version (provided the same configuration)
  • The release number is incremented when a new version has been created to introduce new features and functionality, and/or when major bugs have been identified and corrected, that don't significantly impact the model results and outputs compared to the previous version
MESH versions version 1.3.009 is the last release to use incremental release numbering. The release number for MESH versions 1.3.647 and later correspond corresponds to the revision number of that release in the code repository.


MESH 1.4 is the current MESH series.

MESH 1.4.1813 (r1813)

1.41813r1813Alpha-version considered as pre-GitHub

The “Alpha” release of MESH 1.4.1813 (r1813) consists of the following developments and integrations:

  • Essential I/O updates for mapping inputs
  • Irrigation module
  • Updated Glacier routine
  • Fully integration of Mountian MESH
  • Full compatibility with vector-based routine


Some issues and bugs are identified in this release. We are working on these issues to be fixed in the "Beta" release of the MESH software. 

The list of identified issues/bugs are: 

  • Aggregation of liquid/frozen water storage in soil to grid/basin values
  • Imbalance water balance closure issue by activating the Glacier module
  • Updates required for the Prairie Blowing Snow Model (PBSM), including snowpack redistribution, sublimation, and snow depth threshold
  • Variable updates to reflect drainage into groundwater/lower zone storage
  • Fixing the use of _FillValue in NetCDF Resume files

MESH 1.4.1398

MESH 1.4.1398 includes many bug-fixes and code optimizations, improved message and error handling, a significant update to OUTFIELDSFLAG and enhancements to many output files. It also continues to add more functionality to the new inline routing (RTE) and adds resume functionality to both RTE and SVS.