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Set Up a Space to Share Images

  1. As a community administrator, navigate to a community and click Galleries.
  2. Click Add Photo Gallery.
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  3. Gallery Details: provide gallery details including title and description. The gallery description will be visible to community members.
  4. Gallery Permissions: set permissions for the gallery. You can customize which community member types can view the gallery, upload photos, and comment on photos.
  5. Time Release Options: controls when the gallery will be accessible to users.
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  6. Click Save.
  7. To edit or delete an existing gallery, navigate to the gallery page, and then click edit or delete underneath the gallery you want to modify.
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How Community Members Can Post Images to a Gallery

  1. Navigate to a community and click Galleries.
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  2. Click on a gallery name (a gallery must be built by a community administrator).
  3. Click on an image.
  4. Click Add Photo Comment.
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  5. Type a comment (a comment title is not required, although will display in bold if provided).
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  6. Click Save.
  7. Comments appear in the order they were made with the oldest comment at the top of the list.
  8. Users can edit or delete their own comments.
  9. To quickly view more images in the gallery, use the Previous Photo and Next Photo buttons.
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