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OtherMedTech:Admin, Staff:Admin


titleShortname/Code Guide
  • Location Code Standard: 2-4 Characters
  • Location Code Max: 5 Characters (Internal Standard - not system constraint)                                

Find and use common existing Site and Building shortcodes if available, e.g. SPH, JPCH, RUH                                
Avoid special characters such as & ()_/                                


Site is the top tier within the system; within a site you can add buildings, and within a building you can add rooms. Locations in Elentra can only be created by MedTech:Admin and Staff:Admin users.

1. Login to Production ( as MedTech:Admin or Staff:Admin.

2. Go to Admin → Manage Locations.

3. Click Add Site.

4. Add Site information and click Confirm.

5. Click on Add Building on the new site you created.

6. Enter Building information and click Confirm.