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Instructions on how proxies can set up their account.

This tool is accessible through a few different channels in PAWS, including Registration, Tuition and Fees and Final Grades. A link is also available through your Student Academic Profile page, which is accessible through the Academic Profile channel in PAWS. 

Once you are in the Proxy Access Management system

  1. Select “Add new”
  2. Create a profile for the person with whom you want to share information with
    1. Start date/stop date: The start date will be automatically filled in, but you can adjust the dates.
    2. Description: Can be used to provide additional information about the proxy (e.g. Mom, Sponsor)
    3. Passphrase: The person you share your information with will also be able to call the university and ask for the information you agreed to share with them. When they call, they will be asked for this passphrase to prove their identity.

      Remember: Tell your proxy the passphrase you choose.
    4. Select what information to share:
      1. Student Profile: Shows curricula data, prior college data, basic biographical data, and current registrations for any term
        1. Curricula data: Shows college, degree, program, major and minor information
        2. Prior college data: Shows any intuition form which you have been granted transfer credit
        3. Biographical data: Shows name, email, phone, birth date and citizenship
        4. Current registration: Shows detailed information about each course you are registered in
      2. Grades: Shows the midterm and final grades for the term(s) and level(s) selected
      3. Tuition and Fees: Will display any charge or payment recorded for class registration purposes for all terms you have been registered in.

When you submit the profile

  1. Three emails will be sent to the proxy and you will be copied on those emails:
    1. Email subject “Proxy access to USask student data”: Contains a unique webpage address the proxy will select to authorize their account.
    2. Email subject “USask proxy confirmation”: Contains the unique one-time-use password required to authorize their account.
    3. Email subject “USask proxy relationship update”: Contains proxy information and the URL they will use to log in.
  2. If the proxy needs help using the Proxy Management system, instructions are available.
  3. On the Proxy Management landing page, you will see the person you added with a status of inactive.
  4. Once the person authorizes their proxy account, their record will no longer show as inactive.

titleTo revoke access

Select the trash can icon. Deleting the record will also remove all history.


If you still have questions, email