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If you need to add new information to your EPAs, enabling competencies, or milestones templates, you will need to create a new version from the Actions drop-down, next to the Assessment Plans tab. You will need to go through Step 1 to flag the EPAs as Not Changing, Changing, Retired or Replaced. In Step 2, you will need to set the status of all objectives as Not Changing, Changing or Retired. If you selected any EPAs as being replaced, the objectives associated with that EPA will automatically be marked as Replaced. In Step 3, you will add new templates and upload them again in the appropriate spot. 

The versioning feature allows you to see a history of all EPAs and objectives previously used, although, it can be valuable to keep a copy of the most recent file you’ve uploaded.

If you need to correct a typo or minor error in an EPA, milestone, etc. you can now do so in through the user interface.  Navigate to the Import CBME Data screen and follow the instructions on the screen to edit existing EPAs, milestones, etc.

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