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Rubrics are assessment tools that describe levels of performance in terms of increasing complexity with behaviourally anchored scales. In effect, performance standards are embedded in the assessment form to support assessors in interpreting their observations of learner performance. 

If you create a rubric form and at least one item on the form is linked to an EPA the form will be triggerable by faculty and learners once published.  Results of a completed rubric form are included on a learner's CBME dashboard information.

Creating a Rubric Form

  1. From the Admin menu, select Assessment and Evaluation.

  2. Click on Forms from the subtab menu and click Add Form.

  3. Provide a form name and select Rubric Form from the Form Type dropdown menu; then click Add Form.

  4. Provide additional form information noting that anyone added under permissions will have access to edit the form before it is in use.  You may wish to include the program in the permissions field so that you can filter by this form type later on.

  5. Select the relevant contextual variables for this form.  Adjust which contextual variable responses should be included by clicking on the gray badge.  This allows you to deselect unneeded contextual variable responses which can make the form faster to complete for faculty.

  6. Select an entrustment rating by entering item text, and selecting a scale.  Note that the response options will be configured based on the scale you select.

  7. Set requirements for comments noting that if you select Prompted comments you should also flag which response options will result in prompted comments.

  8. Add form items by clicking Add Items.  You can either add existing items or create new items and add them to the form. Remember that every item created can be mapped to an EPA and milestones. The mapped EPA information about each item will be used to provide access to this form when a learner or faculty member triggers an assessment.

  9. Preview and save your form to return to it later.  When your form is complete click Publish to make it available to be triggered from the CBME dashboard.

    Rubric forms can also be scheduled for distribution through the Assessment and Evaluation module.


    Note that when a rubric form is completed its results will be included in the learner dashboard.

    Sample Rubric Form