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1 Start Assessment/Evaluation - Click here to initiate an assessment on yourself. You will be prompted to select an EPA and an assessor. 

2 Dashboard Tabs - Different tabs provide an overview of your assessments to date. More details below. 

3 Collapse Stage - Click on the Stage to collapse it once you've completed it. 

4 Stage and EPA Status - Quickly see which EPAs and Stages are marked complete. 

5 Start Assessment for Specific EPA - Use this quick link to start an assessment for a specific EPA.

6 Detail views of Assessments - Click to view details about assessments completed toward an EPA (e.g., completed forms and the global entrustment ratings for them).

7 Assessment Tool - Click on a specific tool to view an aggregate report of your assessments completed to date. 

8 Global Entrustment Rating - Quickly view your global entrustment rating for a specific assessment tool. Mouse over each number to see the rating scale value. 

Dashboard Tabs

  • Stages: view progress in EPAs, access reports for different completed assessments
  • Assessments: view completed, in progress, pending and deleted assessments
  • Assessment Items: view individual assessment items
  • Trends: see visualizations of your progress in different EPAs
  • Comments: view all narrative feedback from tasks
  • Pins: see comments and assessments you or a Competence Committee member or Academic Advisor pinned for quick reference

Screen Shot 2018-05-24 at 9.37.45 AM.png

Filter Options

On each tab except Stages, you can apply filters to limit what you see on the screen.  Filter by date, rotation, EPA, Milestone, etc. to narrow your results.  These filters will stay in place as you move from one tab to another.

Be sure to click 'Apply Filters' to have your filters take effect.

Click 'Reset' to get rid of existing filter settings.