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For multistage projects where activities involving human participants (and/or their data), animals or biological material (non-infectious or infectious) will only take place in the future and the research methodology is not sufficiently developed to prepare a complete compliance review submission, approval from RASI (for grants) or REI (for contracts) must be obtained in order to release a portion of the awarded research funds to support these activities that do not require approval certification..

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Please contact Research Acceleration and Strategic Initiatives (RASI) for newly awarded grants (internal or external) or Research Excellence and Innovation(REI) for contracts if you require a new research financial fund (CFOAPAL) and there are circumstances where access to the funding is necessary prior to USask compliance approvals obtained. The university is required to restrict the Principal Investigator (PI)'s access to only that portion of the funds that will be needed for the research work not requiring compliance (i.e. human ethics, animal ethics, biosafety, radiation safety, cannabis license) certification approval.

The applicable Specialist within RASI (for grants) or REI (for contracts) will assist the PI in completing the Request for Early Release of Research Funds Form which outlines what compliance requirements are needed, the preliminary activities that will take place prior to approval, amount of funding requested to be released, and the period during which no compliance certifications are required. In order that funds can be released, the PI must confirm the estimate of funds required for the non-compliance related activities and the anticipated amount of time needed prior to the next phase of the research initiating that would need compliance approvals.


IMPORTANT: A suspension notice will be sent to central financial if this form expires. When out of compliance, the research financial fund is suspended to comply with USask's commitment to the Tri-Agencies.  The PI/fund manager will no longer have access to these research funds until the compliance approval(s) are in place or the form is renewed.

titleFor more information refer to the following University policies and procedures:

Contact Research Excellence and Innovation (REI) at 306-966-2975 or for questions related to:

  • Animal care and research support (including animal ethics)
  • Human ethics
  • Biosafety, radiation safety and cannabis licenses

For more information required how to apply for human or animal ethics approval:

Does my project require animal ethics review and approval?

How Do I Get Human Ethics Approval?


Questions? For grants, please contact Research Acceleration and Strategic Initiatives (RASI) at

For contracts, please contact Research Excellence and Innovation  (REI)  306-966-1465, or e-mail at