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This article applies in situations where a person has more than one active business card in UnivRS. If only one business card is listed in a person's profile, that business card is their default card in the system.

UnivRS automatically resorts business cards every night, if the default card becomes inactive by AboutUs. A new default business card will automatically be selected based on the prioritized list within the person record.

  1. Log in to UnivRS.

  2. From the top right menu bar, verify that you are in the Validator role. If correct, proceed to step 4.

  3. If you need to change your role, click the drop-down arrow beside your current role and click Switch Role. Select Validator in the drop-down menu.


    It takes a few moments for the role to load.

  4. On the left navigation menu, click Persons and then Persons.

  5. Find the person in the list. A filter can quickly locate the record.


    Access instructions on how to find records in UnivRS and/or use the suggested filters below. 


  6. Click on the name to open the record.

  7. Click the Business Cards tab.-


    All business cards associated with the person will be listed in this tab. The name of the organisation and the status of the business card is visible in the short description. The default business card will be listed as 1.

  8. Click the drop-down arrow beside the business card that should become the new default.


    Active business cards should always be prioritized before inactive business cards. The system will automatically resort the business cards according to this business rule.

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  9. Select 1 in the drop-down list.


    Once selected, the list will automatically resort on the tab.

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  10. Click Save and Update Status.


  11. Click Done.


    The workflow status will automatically default to Active.

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