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SSH  (VPN required when off-campus)
Globus accessusask#gateway /plato/<nsid>  (home directory)
System statusARC main page, and cluster-info command
Current Storage usagecluster-info quota command


Home filesystem


  • 24T total volume
  • Location of home directories
  • Each home directory has a small (300G) quota
  • No backup
  • For active research data and user programs
  • Inactive research data must be moved to Datastore

Datastore service


  • 723T total volume
  • Also accessible from outside Plato
  • Faculty members are entitled to 3T free space and can obtain more
  • Backed-up
  • For long-term storage and inactive research data
  • Read-only access on the compute nodes, read-write on the login nodes

Compute nodes


  • Temporary storage for jobs
  • Total volume varies by compute node type
  • Use $SLURM_TMPDIR to get the temporary directory for your current job, in the form: /local/$USER/$SLURM_JOB_ID
  • Files are deleted when a job ends