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  1. How do I find out about research funding opportunities?

    The University’s primary method of communication to researchers is through listservs. Listservs send notifications about funding opportunities, agency and internal deadlines, U of S hosted conference and workshops. Related Articles Related issues
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  2. What is Research Excellence and Innovation?

    Research Excellence and Innovation (REI), part of Office of the Vice-President of Research, helps researchers engage in strategic research partnerships, manage risk, and meet relevant ethics, legal and safety standards, and helps researchers turn their discoveries into solutions the world
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  3. Research Data Management

    Planning helps to preserve research data throughout its full life cycle. Related articles Related issues
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  4. When should I create a new research funding application in UnivRS?

    As a general rule, all research funding applications to external agencies need to be submitted through the university's UnivRS system for academic and institutional review and approval before submission to the Funder. Related Articles Related issues
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  5. Advanced Research Computing

    ICT Advanced Research Computing (ARC) provides high performance computer systems to solve complex scientific and engineering problems, and consultation services to make effective use of those systems. ARC also facilitates training and workshops, and manages the centralized Research Computing Facility (RCF). Related
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  6. What supports are available to facilitate undergraduate research?

    The Undergraduate Research Initiative (UGR Initiative) is working to ensure the majority of University of Saskatchewan's undergraduate students can engage with research, scholarly or artistic work. Whether you are an undergraduate student seeking new challenges or a current faculty member looking to engage
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  7. Research Computing Consultations

    With Research Computing Consultation, our analysts can help identify information you need for your grant applications and assist with your data management planning. We can help you design computing infrastructure, clarify your hardware and software requirements and recommend IT solutions. Related articles Related
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  8. How do I close out my research project?

    Both Research Acceleration and Strategic Initiatives (RASI) for grants and for contracts Research Excellence and Innovation (REI) for contracts will work … , and undertake any procedures required for termination. The closing of a research project and corresponding financial fund typically occurs when the: project has
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  9. Which Research Ethics Board Should I Submit My Project To?

    The University has established two Research Ethics Boards (REBs). The appropriate REB must approve any project involving the use of human subjects. The Biomedical Research Ethics Board (Bio-REB) is responsible for the review of all protocols involving human participants which include: Medically invasive physical
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  10. Research Participant Funding Requisition

    Used to obtain funding for a research project where small honorarium payments of $100.00 or less will be provided to research participants. Related articles Related issues
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