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  1. Who approves my research application and awarded research funding?

    If you are applying for research funding (external) or when research funding (internal or external) is provided to you, the proposal or agreement must be reviewed and approved by yourself as Principal Investigator (PI), your department, your college, and institutionally as per the Research Administration Policy
    ConnectionPoint KBFeb 19, 2021
  2. Request for Research Internal Grant Form.pdf

    Please email completed signed form to Research Acceleration and Strategic Initiatives (RASI) at Revised February 2021 REQUEST FOR INTERNAL RESEARCH FUND Research Acceleration and Strategic Initiatives (RASI) ______________________________________ Principal Investigator
  3. Pre-and Post-Award (Research Grants and Contracts)

    breakdown of articles has been included below for research grants and contracts. The index at the bottom of the page lists all UnivRS articles on the IT Support
    IT SupportApr 06, 2021
  4. What is the lifecycle of a research grant or contract?

    Information about the project lifecycle of a research grant or contract in UnivRS, such as the workflow process. Related articles Related issues
    IT SupportMar 30, 2021
  5. research-participants-funding-requisition.pdf

    Research Participants Funding Requisition The purpose of this requisition is to obtain funding for a research project where small honorarium payments of $100.00 or less will be provided to research participants. Instructions: 1) For assistance in completing this form please see the guidelines
  6. What is a research agreement?

    A research agreement refers to a research contract or research grant. These agreements are negotiated between the Funder and either Research Acceleration and Strategic Initiatives (RASI) for grants or Research Excellence and Innovation (REI) for contracts, on behalf of the university in consultation with the Principal
    ConnectionPoint KBFeb 19, 2021
  7. Research Participant Funding Guidelines

    Guidelines to follow for providing small honorarium payments of $100 or less to research participants Related articles Related issues
    ConnectionPoint KBFeb 02, 2021
  8. How to_Approach Research Supervisor.pdf

    How to: Approach a Research Supervisor Steps to find an undergraduate student research assistantship (USRA) Prepare:  Read about faculty in your area of interest. Find their publications and research areas. Places to look: professor’s profile page; internet search; library catalogue search. Are you interested
  9. Research JV's Guidelines

    What Research JV's are done by Research account or ConnectionPoint Related Articles Related issues
    ConnectionPoint KBJan 28, 2021
  10. I need institutional signature on my research application or research contract agreement. Who is the University Official Authorized Representative?

    When an institutional signature is required, please contact either your Research Support Specialists (RSS) in Research Acceleration and Strategic Initiatives (RASI) for research applications or your Contracts Specialists in Research Excellence
    ConnectionPoint KBFeb 19, 2021