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  1. Request for Continuous Research fund.pdf

    Revised Sept 2019 REQUEST FOR CONTINUOUS RESEARCH FUND FORM Complete and forward this form with required attachments to the Research Services and Ethics Office ( to request the creation of a Continuous Research Fund. Eligible internal funds must be available for transfer at the time
  2. Behavioural Research Ethics Board.pdf

    Version Date: Oct 2019 Behavioural Research Ethics Board Membership Roster Beh-REB Member Term Affiliation with REB UofS Affiliation Dr. Diane Martz, Chair 04 April 2019 – 31 Dec 2021 Behavioural Research Representative Yes Dr. Vivian Ramsden, Vice-Chair Academic Family Medicine 01 Aug 2005 – 31 Dec 2021 Behavioural
  3. How can I work with and do research with industry?

    Working with industry partners on research as well as the commercialization of innovations can be very positive for both academia and industry. Researchers within academia can obtain improved insight into the challenges faced by industry and their research needs, while industry can access cutting edge discoveries
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  4. Advanced Research Computing

    ICT Advanced Research Computing (ARC) provides high performance computer systems to solve complex scientific and engineering problems, and consultation services to make effective use of those systems. ARC also facilitates training and workshops, and manages the centralized Research Computing Facility (RCF). Related
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  5. Advanced Research Computing

    Welcome to the wiki for Advanced Research Computing (ARC) at the University of Saskatchewan! This is the centralised repository for all ARC user resources, offering both system-specific and more general information to University researchers and members of the wider research community. Contents @self Most
  6. What is a Continuous Research Fund (CRF)?

    The primary purpose of a Continuous Research Fund is to consolidate residual funds that are intended to be used for research. Related Articles Related issues
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  7. What research facilitation support is available?

    Research facilitation promotes a vibrant and productive research culture at the University of Saskatchewan through an informal network of skilled professionals who help researchers, colleges and schools, and the institution achieve funding success and research impact. Related Articles Related issues
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  8. What is the Research Computing Facility?

    Through the Research Computing Facility (RCF), ICT provide free-of-charge hosting of research computational equipment. Related articles Related issues
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  9. Who approves my research application and awarded research funding?

    If you are applying for research funding (external) or when research funding (internal or external) is provided to you, the proposal or agreement must be reviewed and approved by yourself as Principal Investigator (PI), your department, your college, and institutionally as per the Research Administration Policy
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  10. Research Data Management

    Planning helps to preserve reserch data throughout their full life cycle. Related articles Related issues
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