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  1. Behavioural Research Ethics Board Membership.pdf

    Version Date: Sept 2020 Behavioural Research Ethics Board Membership Roster Beh-REB Member Term Affiliation with REB UofS Affiliation Dr. Diane Martz, Chair 04 April 2019 – 31 Dec 2021 Behavioural Research Representative Yes Dr. Vivian Ramsden, Vice-Chair Academic Family Medicine 01 Aug 2005 – 31 Dec 2021 Behavioural
  2. Scientific Research Software

    ICT Research Computing offers a variety of software packages that cover a broad range of researchers' needs: for example, data analysis, simulations, symbolic transforms, graphing, mapping, statistics, surveys, lab notebooks. Related articles Related issues
    IT SupportSep 11, 2020
  3. Request for Continuous Research fund.pdf

    Revised Sept 2019 REQUEST FOR CONTINUOUS RESEARCH FUND FORM Complete and forward this form with required attachments to the Research Services and Ethics Office ( to request the creation of a Continuous Research Fund. Eligible internal funds must be available for transfer at the time
  4. research-participants-funding-requisition.pdf

    Research Participants Funding Requisition The purpose of this requisition is to obtain funding for a research project where small honorarium payments of $100.00 or less will be provided to research participants. Instructions: 1) For assistance in completing this form please see the guidelines
  5. What is Research Excellence and Innovation?

    Research Excellence and Innovation (REI), part of Office of the Vice-President of Research, helps researchers engage in strategic research partnerships, manage risk, and meet relevant ethics, legal and safety standards, and helps researchers turn their discoveries into solutions the world
    ConnectionPoint KBJun 23, 2020
  6. Research Computing Facility

    The Research Computing Facility (RCF) is a service to host research computational equipment. It is provided free of charge by ICT to University of Saskatchewan … Access to data-center network switch connected to University network To request access to RCF, please read our terms of service and email Research Computing mailto
  7. When are the Behavioural Research Ethics Submission Deadlines?

    See the document below for the Behavioural Research Ethics Board submission deadlines and meeting dates: Please Note: The above deadlines are only applicable … your study is above minimal risk, please see How Do I Assess The Risk Level Of My Project? Questions? Please contact the Research Services and Ethics Office
    ConnectionPoint KBSep 15, 2020
  8. Can I Direct Pay my Student's Tuition from a Research Fund?

    How to request student tuition be paid from a Research fund. Related Articles Related issues
    ConnectionPoint KBSep 08, 2020
  9. Biomedical Research Ethics Board 1 Members April 2020.pdf

    Biomedical Research Ethics Board (Bio-REB) Research Services & Ethics Office, University of Saskatchewan Version Date: March 2020 Bio-REB-1 Membership Roster … . Bryan Wiebe* Department of Philosophy 01-Dec-2015 to 30-Nov-2021 Knowledgeable in Ethics Yes Caitlin Prebble, Biomedical Ethics Facilitator, Research Ethics
  10. How Do I Submit A Research Ethics Application Form?

    - Prospective Research Biomedical Application - Creation of Biobank and Data Registry Biomedical Consent Form Templates/Guides Behavioural Application Forms … the Research Services and Ethics Office (RSEO) at 306-966-2975 or mailto
    ConnectionPoint KBSep 09, 2020