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  1. What is Research Acceleration and Strategic Initiatives?

    Research Acceleration and Strategic Initiatives (RASI) is a unit within the Office of the Vice President, Research at the University of Saskatchewan. RASI is responsible for activities such as pre- and post award support for faculty and major institutional competitions, engaging undergraduate students in research
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  2. FORM Request Internal Research Request Form.pdf

    of research and proposed budget (or attach separate document): Email: Source fund (CFOAPAL): Unit Contact … :  funding is to be used for expenditures directly related to research-only;  funding is not for the purposes of personal gain to the PI and is not being provided
  3. How do I hire a Research employee?

    Information for hiring a research employee under the Non-Union handbook. Related Articles Related issues
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  4. What is a research agreement?

    A research agreement refers to a research contract or research grant. These agreements are negotiated between the Funder and either Research Acceleration and Strategic Initiatives (RASI) for grants or Research Excellence and Innovation (REI) for contracts, on behalf of the university in consultation with the Principal
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  5. Research Participant Funding Guidelines

    Guidelines to follow for providing small honorarium payments of $100 or less to research participants Related articles Related issues
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  6. Visualisation of Research Data

    Visualisation is applying techniques to “see” your data, including graphs, 2D and 3D modeling, etc. Visualisation may be possible with software you now use, or you may need special tools such as 3D TVs or special 3D projectors, or specialized software. We might be able to provide special tools to help you with your vis
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  7. How do I request a new research fund?

    Please contact Research Acceleration and Strategic Initiatives (RASI) for newly awarded grants (internal or external) or Research Excellence and Innovation (REI) for contracts if you require a new research financial fund (CFOAPAL). Related Articles Related issues
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  8. How do I view a research statement?

    You can use Crystal Reports to view research statements. Related Articles Related issues
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  9. Who is my Research Support Specialist or Contract Legal Specialist?

    Research Support Specialists (RSSs) within Research Acceleration and Strategic Initiatives (RASI) and Contract Specialists within Research Excellence and Innovation (REI) deliver high-level research administration support and customer service to faculty and researchers at the university. Specialists are responsible
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  10. Research Proposal Development (Pre-Award) Salary and Compensation Budget Guide

    Research Acceleration and Strategic Initiatives (RASI) in collaboration with Pension and Benefits and People and Resources teams developed a Compensation budgeting and calculation tool to assist researchers in drafting their proposed budgets to include
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