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  1. What are my responsibilities as a Principal Investigator?

    All Principal Investigators (PI) and their named delegate(s) must operate in compliance with the set terms and conditions set by the Funder, relevant laws and regulations, the best practices of the PI's academic discipline, as well as applicable university policies and procedures (e.g. Research Administration
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  2. Do I still need to submit a research funding application in UnivRS if I am not the lead Principal Investigator?

    All external research funding applications that have at least one U of S researcher, whether it be a lead principal investigator (PI) or a co-investigator (Co-I), need to be submitted for approvals and review through UnivRS prior to being submitted to the Funder. Related Articles Related issues
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  3. Can I create a research funding application in UnivRS on behalf of someone else?

    Anyone with an NSID create a project application record in UnivRS. SO if you are not the Principal Investigator (PI), you can start a new proposal application record in UnivRS on behalf of the PI. The application, however, HAS
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  4. Pre-and Post-Award Management

    Module Navigating in UnivRS - Pre-and Post-Award Module Lead Principal Investigators - Submitting a project application for academic and institutional approval Department Heads and Deans - Academic approvals for project applications, projects and amendments Quick Start Guides Lead Principal Investigators - Submitting
  5. P&P_Quick Sheet - Submitting an Application_PF.pdf

    Approval Committee and/or Saskatoon Health Region by selecting ‘Yes’, or ‘No’. Applicants tab  Lead Principal Investigator - When a project application is created, the Lead Principal Investigator defaults to the authorized end user creating the project application. See the Information Guide for guidance on how to change
  6. How do I Approve a Project Application, Project, or Project Amendment in UnivRS?

    Instructions on how to approve a Project Application or Amendment in UnivRS. Related articles Related issues
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  7. P&P_Quick Sheet - Academic Approvals_v4.pdf

    to the Lead Principal Investigator. Requests for revisions or missing documents should be communicated outside UnivRS. The Lead Principal Investigator will work with the RSEO to resolve any issues and upload revised documents. 11. Click the Done button. If the business card used by/for the Lead Principal Investigator
  8. How do I change my academic unit in UnivRS?

    "Academic Home” means the college, school, division, department or unit in which the Principal Investigator holds their primary appointment. Staff and faculty will have a separate 'business card' for each appointment held at the U of S. If you have more than one U of S affiliation, UnivRS will also default to your
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  9. P&P_Academic Approvals-v4.pdf

    on which you are as the Lead Principal Investigator. o Approve – Projects and amendments that have been assigned to you to approve.  Head of Department o View … , the Lead Principal Investigator will not see any comments under Comments by Previous Approver(s) since they are the first to approve the project or amendment
  10. Submitting_an_Application_for_Academic_and_Institutional_Approval.pdf

    Principal Investigator only. A Co‐ Principal Investigator(s), Co‐Investigator(s) and Other Team Member(s) should also be entered, if applicable. Anyone entered … of applicants include: • Lead Principal Investigator: individual responsible for the intellectual leadership of the project. • Co‐Principal Investigator