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  1. How Do I Get Human Ethics Approval?

    Does My Project Require Human Ethics Approval? Which Research Ethics Board Should I Submit My Project To? How Do I Assess The Risk Level Of My Project? How Do I Submit A Research Ethics Application Form? During the Ethics Review Process the REB will often respond to you with suggested revisions or modifications
    ConnectionPoint KBMar 01, 2019
  2. How do I get approval for my invoice if I submit it through the eForm?

    When submitting an invoice through the digital Pay A Company eForm you can send the request to an approver prior to the invoice being processed. Related articles Related issues
    ConnectionPoint KBJun 23, 2018
  3. How do I get disk space for research? (DATASTORE)

    How do I set up a virtual drive for my access and access for my grad students? How do I get disk storage for my research group? What is the DATASTORE service I hear about? Related articles Related issues
    IT SupportAug 31, 2018
  4. I Have Ethics Approval From Another University. Do I Need Approval From the University of Saskatchewan's Research Ethics Board?

    of Saskatchewan ethics approval is required. Please contact the ethics office to assist in making the assessment. Questions? Please contact the Research Services … The Research Ethics Boards (REB) in the province of Saskatchewan have a policy of full reciprocity. This means that if your application has been approved
    ConnectionPoint KBApr 05, 2019
  5. How do I get a screen capture?

    I have been asked to send a picture of my screen. How do I do that? Related articles Related issues
    IT SupportOct 06, 2018
  6. How Do I Submit A Research Ethics Application Form? DO NOT SCAN DOCUMENTS. If submitting a form on behalf of the Principal Investigator (PI), you must copy the PI on the email submission … contact the Research Services and Ethics Office (RSEO) at 306-966-2975 or
    ConnectionPoint KBAug 29, 2019
  7. How do I automatically flag ConnectionPoint Approval Emails as High Importance in Outlook?

    For individuals who would like to have Outlook mark the ConnectionPoint Approval emails as High Importance when they are received. Related Articles Related issues
    ConnectionPoint KBDec 20, 2019
  8. How Do I Close My Ethics Once I Have Completed My Research Study?

    information is completed If a renewal or closure form is not submitted to the ethics office by the expiry date, a warning notice will be issued to you. After the expiry date, the research is out of compliance, and you must cease all research activities. If the REB approval lapses and you want to continue with the research
    ConnectionPoint KBMay 06, 2019
  9. How do I get an employee card?

    To obtain an employee card please visit the Shop USask Bookstore. Related Articles Related issues
    ConnectionPoint KBJan 16, 2020
  10. How do I get visitor stats for a Usask hosted website?

    How to get visitor statistics for a Usask hosted website Related articles Related issues
    IT SupportOct 11, 2019