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  1. How do I hire a Sessional Lecturer?

    A Sessional Lecturer is an employee of the University of Saskatchewan who is responsible for teaching a credit course and remunerated on a per course basis. Related Articles Related issues
    ConnectionPoint KBMar 19, 2021
  2. How do I clone a project application in UnivRS?

    Instructions on how to copy a project application using the clone feature in UnivRS. Related articles Related issues
    IT SupportApr 05, 2021
  3. How can I find the balance of my APEF?

    Follow these steps to find the balance of your accountable professional expense fund (APEF). Related Articles Related issues
    ConnectionPoint KBJan 17, 2019
  4. How do I get Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) funding?

    to and by an individual Faculty member. University of Saskatchewan has an internal application development and review process at the pre-submission stage. Research Acceleration and Strategic Initiatives, on behalf of the Vice-President Research (VPR) which is accountable for all aspects of the award, coordinates the application
    ConnectionPoint KBNov 26, 2020
  5. How do I find my graduate administrator?

    Step-by-step guide for how to find the graduate administrator in your department Related Articles Related issues
  6. Why can't I find my fund in Concur?

    Not all funds are available in Concur. Closed and restricted funds are never entered into Concur. Related Articles Related issues
    ConnectionPoint KBMay 01, 2019
  7. How do I navigate around UnivRS?

    Information about the UnivRS dashboard. Related articles Related issues
    IT SupportMar 24, 2021
  8. Who approves my research application and awarded research funding?

    If you are applying for research funding (external) or when research funding (internal or external) is provided to you, the proposal or agreement must … . Regardless of the agency's requirements, all applications and agreements for external research funding must be approved by a duly authorized university
    ConnectionPoint KBFeb 19, 2021
  9. How do I find the name of my computer?

    This guide will show you how to find your computer's name on Windows and Mac machines. Related articles Related issues
    IT SupportJun 03, 2019
  10. How do I submit a claim to my personal spending account (PSA)

    There are a few different ways you can submit a Personal Spending Account claim to Sun Life for reimbursement. Related Articles Related issues
    ConnectionPoint KBFeb 05, 2021