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  1. How do I purchase cannabis and cannabis materials for research purposes?

    Principal Investigators are authorized to acquire only cannabis and cannabis materials listed on their registration. Below are the steps and guidelines for doing so. Related Articles Related issues
    ConnectionPoint KBFeb 22, 2021
  2. How to_Approach Research Supervisor.pdf

    How to: Approach a Research Supervisor Steps to find an undergraduate student research assistantship (USRA) Prepare:  Read about faculty in your area … or troublesome. o An idea or question you have related to the faculty member’s published work.  Does that faculty member have research funding in place? Will they apply
  3. How Do I Submit A Research Ethics Application Form? DO NOT SCAN DOCUMENTS. If submitting a form on behalf of the Principal Investigator (PI), you must copy the PI on the email submission … - Prospective Research Biomedical Application - Creation of Biobank and Data Registry Biomedical Consent Form Templates/Guides Behavioural Application Forms
    ConnectionPoint KBFeb 12, 2021
  4. How do I find my Employment Record?

    Details on how to determine your Employment Record through Pay and Time Reporting on PAWS. Related Articles Related issues
    ConnectionPoint KBDec 16, 2020
  5. Can I Direct Pay my Student's Tuition from a Research Fund?

    How to request the use of a research fund to cover the costs of a student's tuition. Related Articles Related issues
    ConnectionPoint KBNov 30, 2020
  6. Why does my research financial statement show that I have overspent?

    Information about why your research financial statement, also known as research activity report, might appear as being overspent. Related Articles Related issues
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  7. How do I hire a Sessional Lecturer?

    A Sessional Lecturer is an employee of the University of Saskatchewan who is responsible for teaching a credit course and remunerated on a per course basis. Related Articles Related issues
    ConnectionPoint KBMay 03, 2021
  8. How do I discard a project application in UnivRS?

    Instructions on how to discard a project application set to the In Preparation workflow status in UnivRS using the RSO Approval Coordinator or Validator role. Related articles Related issues
    IT SupportApr 27, 2021
  9. How do I find my travel request number?

    You can find your travel request number in Concur. Related Articles Related issues
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  10. I have relocated to the university how can I transfer my funded research projects here?

    your research funding to the USask. Please contact Research Acceleration and Strategic Initiatives (RASI) for held grants and Research Excellence and Innovation (REI) for held contracts to discuss possible options
    ConnectionPoint KBFeb 19, 2021