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  1. Animal research ethics

    ConnectionPoint KBJan 17, 2019
  2. What is the Animal Order Desk?

    The University Animal Care Committee (UACC) Animal Order Desk (AOD) is responsible for all questions regarding the purchase of animals – alive or dead, importing and exporting of animals, as well as being responsible for tracking the usage of all research animals on campus. The AOD manages the UACC Animal and Tissue
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  3. What is the Research Services and Ethics Office (RSEO)?

    The Research Services and Ethics Office (RSEO) provides administrative support for the research enterprise which is extensive, highly specialized, and diverse. The RSEO works to ensure that faculty, staff, students, visitors and postdoctoral fellows embark upon and execute their research and partnership activities
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  4. Reference Group Members-15.pdf

    of Animal Ethics and University Veterinarian  Nadine Kozakevich – Manger of Finance and Administration, Western College of Veterinary Medicine  Brenda Meyer-Burt – Research Support Specialist, Research Services and Ethics Office  Amanda Plante – Research Ethics Specialist (Animal), Research Services and Ethics Office
  5. What is Institutional Costs of Research (ICR)?

    Institutional Costs of Research (ICR) is attributable to all Research activity and to provide a standardized mechanism for the university to recover these Institutional Costs. IRC is also commonly known as 'overhead', (OH). Related Articles Related issues
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  6. Updates and Releases

    , animal ethics, biosafety and radiation safety forms to the respective unit via e-mail. More information … Policy Statement: Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans. All faculty and staff will continue to submit their human ethics, animal ethics, biosafety
  7. Video Recording of Vendor Presentations

    the grant application, ethics review, and project closure processes with time at the end for questions. 2:30 p.m. Coffee Break 2:45 p.m. Supporting Research Ethics Processes – Administration Focus This session will provide an interactive discussion with the vendor focusing on human ethics, animal ethics, animal
  8. Frequently Asked Questions

    , compliance processes (i.e. human ethics, animal care, biosafety and radiation safety) and clinical trials. This will also make research management more efficient … under ‘Working Documents’ and ‘Personal/Confidential Documents’. Compliance (Animal Ethics, Biosafety, Human Ethics and Radiation Safety) The Compliance module
  9. UnivRS Project Charter-FINAL-6.pdf

    portal  Compliance (e.g., human ethics, animal ethics, biosafety and radiation safety)  Clinical trials  Graduate students  CV management, including … -and post-award and compliance processes (i.e., human, animal care, biosafety). It will also be presented as a one stop shop for faculty to reduce administrative
  10. P&P_Quick Sheet - Submitting an Application_PF.pdf

    Compliance - Indicate if approvals are required from the U of S Biomedical and/or Behavioural Research Ethics Boards, Animal Research Ethics Board, Biosafety Protocol