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  1. Flight Delay Emergency Purchases.pdf

    through the mail; Nor does this policy cover loss or damage to: i) animals, watercraft, vehicles or trailers of any kind (including their equipment and contents
  2. How do I create and submit a research funding application in UnivRS?

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  3. What Account Code should I use for my transaction?

    The account code is used to identify the nature of the transaction. The account identifies whether the transaction is a Balance Sheet transaction (an asset or a liability) or an Operating Statement transaction (revenue, expense or transfer). Related Articles Related issues
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  4. Consent_form_instructions_Feb2012 (15).pdf

    in the recognition of the main risks associated with the study. References to animal studies are usually omitted unless there is a serious risk likely relevant to humans
  5. What is my Ship-To-Code?

    Each building has a specific shipping address and location. Here is a list that indicates the appropriate code when requesting a purchase order to be created. If you are having troubles finding the appropriate code, use CTRL + F. If you do not see an appropriate code after searching, please indicate OTHR and specify th
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  6. Taxation

    Units are responsible to ensure all transactions they initiate are tax-compliant. For example, units must ensure that: GST and PST are properly charged, collected and remitted on all sales of taxable goods or services. Appropriate GST recovery rates are applied against the units' CFOAPAL(s). Tax is properly accounted f
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  7. Complete List of Earning Types found on Paystub

    Below you will find a complete list of all earnings that can be found on a paystub/paycheque. Related Articles Related issues
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