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  1. Morbidity, Mortality and Incident report (MMI)

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  2. What Program Code should I be using?

    The program code is used to capture information on major areas of institutional activity and to help determine the hierarchy of the transaction. Related Articles Related issues
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  3. 2021 Generator Run Schedule.pdf

    18 20 19 23 Physics Bldg. 9AM - 11AM YES Lighting & Power 23 25 24 24 Animal Science Bldg. 9AM - 11AM 24 26 25 25 Rayner Dairy Research & Teaching Facility (fed
  4. Who approves my research application and awarded research funding?

    If you are applying for research funding (external) or when research funding (internal or external) is provided to you, the proposal or agreement must be reviewed and approved by yourself as Principal Investigator (PI), your department, your college, and institutionally as per the Research Administration Policy and cor
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  5. Who is my Key Custodian?

    Key Custodians are individuals who have been assigned the task of ordering, distributing, collecting, and accounting for all keys for a department or unit. Only a Key Custodian (KC) is authorized to request keys for their unit. This article provides the name of the Key Custodian for each department or unit on campus. R
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  6. How do I ensure my office meets university temperature targets?

    This article contains information about University temperature targets. Related Articles Related issues
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  7. What is the department ID number associated with my department?

    This article allows the user to look-up any department ID by matching the individual department name. Each department at the University of Saskatchewan has a unique department ID. The department ID is used to better track and apply people and benefits changes in the AboutUs system. Related Articles Related issues
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  8. SA-Flex-HSA.pdf

    -control pills (prescription) • Canadian Red Cross — Home Maker Service • Costs of an animal specially trained to assist a person who is blind, deaf, or severely impaired in the use of arms or legs. In addition to the cost of the animal, its care and maintenance (including food and veterinary care) are eligible expenses
  9. How do I sign up for Facilities building notifications? Animal Resources Centre Subscribe/Unsubscribe Animal Science Building Subscribe/Unsubscribe
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  10. What is Institutional Costs of Research (ICR)?

    Institutional Costs of Research (ICR) is attributable to all Research activity and to provide a standardized mechanism for the university to recover these Institutional Costs. IRC is also commonly known as 'overhead', (OH). Related Articles Related issues
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