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Creating new page links in your wiki is at the heart of a wiki page. When editing and you need for a link to a new (non-existent) page, you create an empty link that shows up in red so you know it is a page that still needs to be created.

After the recent upgrade to version 3.2 of Confluence and the great new auto-complete feature of the Rich Text Editor, there did not seem to be a way to create these empty links on a page. I did some reading of the Confuence manual and found out how to do it. It is not quite intuitive, but it does work and once you do it you can easily create new page links with just the keyboard.

Here is the excerpt from the Confluence manual on creating links to non-existent pages:

Linking to a Non-Existent Confluence Page

You may want to insert a link pointing to a Confluence page that does not yet exist.

To link to a non-existent page via the link browser, follow the instructions above and select the 'Web Link' option. Enter the name of the non-existent page into the URL text box.

Screenshot: Linking to a non-existent Confluence page via the link browser