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This is the home of the Wiki News and Views space.

Today we had a list of blogs that had bookmarks added to their pages by anonymous postings. These were deleted and it looks like this rash of spam postings touched every space with anonymous posting turned on.

I took the liberty to remove the anonymous posting privileges for these pages so we do not have these spam comments in our wiki.

And since this rash of spam seems to have touched all the wiki spaces with anonymous posting turned on, I checked all these spaces and removed the anonymous privileges entirely. Almost all of the spaces affected were old spaces no longer updated or were test spaces created to try out the wiki.

If you have had your permissions changed on your anonymous posting and are wondering why it was deactivated, it was due to comment or bookmark spam. This can be prevented by setting your permissions to not allow posting by anonymous users and only allow logged in users the ability to add pages, posts, comments, and bookmarks.

See the manual for information about setting the permissions and the Group Naming Convention page for more information on the groups available to you for allowing postings. 

To create a hyperlink which opens a new window, you can now use the newwindow macro. Usin this new macro will output a link that, when clicked upon, opens in a new tab or window (unless your web browser is explicitly set to disallow creation of new windows)

Please see new How To documentation in the User Manual.

The Confluence wiki has a very good rich text editor that will allow you to edit your wiki documents in most situations. There are times, however, where editing your page in Wiki Markup mode gives more control for those that desire it.

A new Wiki Markup Help Tips document is available to show how to do some editing in the Wiki Markup mode.

Take a look and comment if you have questions or additions.

A new guest account system has been released for use on campus. This new guest system allows guest accounts to be created as needed and when a new guest account is created it can be used as an account on the wiki server.

Please see our how-to documentation on setting up a new account and setting the access to the wiki spaces.

The wiki server was recently changed to use the new uLDAP directory service. This directory service has been setup to be populated from the Student Information System and the Human Resources employee database. This will permit groups to be dynamically updated as changes occur to class enrolments or departmental staff changes.

This changes the naming of the groups for employee groups. When you search for employee departments you will see group names in the form of "employee_reports_XYZ". Please see the Group Naming Convention page for more information on how to use the new group names.

Please note: some of the employee groups may not be reflected in the new uLDAP directory server. This can be adhoc groups, sub-groups, and cross-departmental groups. These groups, in many cases, can be supported by the directory server and requests for these groups should be forwarded to the SSAM administration team at Once new groups have been added and the administration of the group setup in SSAM account management it can be used in the wiki for permissions.

The wiki service team may create temporary confluence-only groups as an interim measure. You can contact the wiki service team via

The wiki service was upgraded to version 3.2.1_01. This brings some important security fixes and other bug fixes. The release notes are available on Atlassian's site.

Creating new page links in your wiki is at the heart of a wiki page. When editing and you need for a link to a new (non-existent) page, you create an empty link that shows up in red so you know it is a page that still needs to be created.

After the recent upgrade to version 3.2 of Confluence and the great new auto-complete feature of the Rich Text Editor, there did not seem to be a way to create these empty links on a page. I did some reading of the Confuence manual and found out how to do it. It is not quite intuitive, but it does work and once you do it you can easily create new page links with just the keyboard.

Here is the excerpt from the Confluence manual on creating links to non-existent pages:

Linking to a Non-Existent Confluence Page

You may want to insert a link pointing to a Confluence page that does not yet exist.

To link to a non-existent page via the link browser, follow the instructions above and select the 'Web Link' option. Enter the name of the non-existent page into the URL text box.

Screenshot: Linking to a non-existent Confluence page via the link browser

Hi all,

Keyboard Shortcuts and Editor Hints

The new version of Confluence adds many keyboard shortcuts. This will allow you to do many functions by using a quick shortcut instead of using your mouse. I know I really appreciate having these available when I am editing a document using the Rich Text editor --sometimes I just don't want to have to switch to the mouse to do a simple function.

A number of new keyboard shortcuts for the Rich Text editor have been added. Format text into bulleted/numbered lists, manipulate tables, open the macro browser, and more, with a few simple key presses.

The Rich Text editor will also display handy hints along the bottom of the screen, including common keyboard shortcuts and autocomplete tips.

Here are a few of the shortcut available.


Action (Rich Text Editor)


Formats text as a bullet list


Formats text as a numbered list


Formats text with a strike through


Action (Rich Text Editor)


Opens the macro browser


Copies a table row


Cuts a table row


Pastes a table row


Inserts a table

Here is a link the the full list of keyboard shortcuts from the Atalassian documentation site for our version of the Confluence server software. Take look, try them out. Happy typing.


Confluence will attempt to auto-complete page links to other Confluence pages and attachment names for embedded images and documents. You can even use keyboard shortcuts for these two functions.

  • Page Links - When inserting a link, begin with a [ and start typing to see the suggested links that match the text. Auto-completion also works when inserting a link by clicking the Insert Link icon in the Edit toolbar.
  • Attachments, including Images - When embedding an attachment, begin with a ! and start typing to see to see a matching list of images and documents.
  • Auto-completion also functions within some fields in the Macro Browser.

The next version of Confluence will even have a shortcut for adding a macro to the page. Since we are planning to have our server upgraded regularly through the year this feature will not be far away.

Have a great weekend.

Poll plugin available!

Hi all.

There is a new plugin called "survey" that lets you add a quick poll to your page. Now you can post some information and ask for feedback directly in the page without have to tabulate comments.

Click on the new Macro Browser to add the poll to your wiki site.

For example: 

Unknown macro: {survey} How do you feel about the new larger size for the LaTeX math formulae?

Latex support is now enabled on the wiki server. If you would like to try this out on your space you have to use the Wiki Markup editor to properly compose and edit the latex language.

Here are a few examples of the latex support:

Here is a list of Greek letters:

The matrix-like expression for representing binomial coefficients

For those that have not used LaTeX in a while and need a refresher on the language check out the WikiBooks article with these, and many other examples.

Here is another great site that has a lot of example of formulae in LaTeX:

Great news for anyone wanting support for math equations in the wiki! We got two plugins working with Confluence and are now available for use.

The two plugins are ASCIIMATH and LaTeX.

Here is a quick example for each plugin:


example code



{latex}\( E=mc^{2} \){latex} 




We will have more information about how to use these plugins on your wiki pages soon, but for now you can link to the plugin home pages:

Latex plugin documentation\
ASCIImath plugin documentation

The wiki service experienced an unexpected downtime in the evening of Friday June 4th. The server was restarted early Saturday and we will monitor the situation throughout the weekend.

The campus wiki service was upgraded to version 3.2.

We upgraded from version 2.8.1 so here are the release note of the versions up to the current release:

Our Wiki Documentation Home Page will be updated to include the newest version in the coming weeks. The full manual for the currently installed version is also available on the Atlassian Docmentation site.

We will be highlighting some of the newest features and reviewing wiki uses, tips and tricks, and general help information so please follow the blog section of this wiki space. The RSS feed for this blog is available for you to be kept up to date in your favourite RSS reader.

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