The following are short troubleshooting guides on various problems that may arise while working in the Experts wiki. This is collaborative, so if you think of a problem that you don't see on here (and/or if you know a solution) post it up!

Rich Text Editor

The Rich Text Editor is the default editor used in the Expert Wiki. When you click Edit, the Rich Text Editor is what you will see unless you have set Wiki-Markup as your primary editing medium.

Although you can usually edit using the Rich Text Editor without problems, you are sure to eventually encounter some sort of issue. When problems arise, you should be relatively familiar with wiki-markup so that you can go into the markup to locate the problem. Many times, the Rich Text Editor will simply show you there is a problem, for example, perhaps your numbered list keeps starting over with "1". To figure out what is causing this error, you will need to go into the wiki-markup and look for a discrepancy.

My numbered list is starting over at 1.

This is a common problem as much documentation contains several steps with bullets and screenshots for how-to guides. The best way to fix this is to check the markup in the wiki-markup editor.

1. Go to your page.
2. Click the Wiki markup tab (this allows you to see if there is any extra markup in-between your numbers, or if there is anything else that isn't supposed to be there).
3. Delete any extra spaces between the steps.
4. Verify there is a space between the # and the sentence.


# Cat 
# Dog 
# Rabbit 

If fixing the spacing does not remedy the issue, simply type your numbers instead of using the Numbered List tool.

I have a table of contents that is showing extra bullets

1. Go to your page.
2. Click the wiki-markup tab.
3. Read through the markup, taking note of heading tags (h1.) that do not have content next to them.
4. Delete all empty heading tags.
5. Click the check-box next to "Minor change?
6. Save the page. Verify your table of contents no longer has the extra bullets.

Wiki Markup

I tried to create a note, but it covers more than just the paragraph I want

1. Go to your page.
2. Click the wiki-markup tab.
3. Scroll until you find the area with the note markup.
4. Ensure the note markup resembles the following:

Your note content will go here. You must follow this content with the closing "tip" tag as follows. 
My anchor link does nothing

1. Check your anchor link:


2. Check your anchor title:


3. Ensure the two match in terms of wording and capitalization.

My image is inline with my text

If your image is inline with your text (next to the text) and you don't intend for it to be, it is likely a spacing issue.

1. Click the Wiki markup tab.

2. Scroll to the area where your image is located.

3. Place the cursor before the image tag and press ENTER. The image will be below the sentence.

4. Press SPACEBAR once.

5. For additional space, type the following after the filename (cat.png):

| vspace=10

Note that you must include the pipe (|) in the image tag.

6. When you are finished, click Save.

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