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An anchor used in a wiki article can allow readers to jump to their desired information. Instead of scrolling through an entire article, the reader can click on the word or phrase which takes them to the desired section of the article. There are already anchors automatically placed within the table of contents on a page (if a table of contents has been added), which will take the reader from main heading listed in the table of contents to desired section. However, anchors may be used in several other different ways to maximize readers' ease of navigation through the articles on the Wiki.

Using Anchors

Here are a few ways to use anchors in articles:

  • FAQs pages- with anchors, the user can click a question from a list and be directed to the answer in a list below.
  • References- Using references in articles maintains accuracy and credibility. With anchors you can link from a reference number down to the reference section where information about the source may be expanded.
  • Linking to Previous Stated Information- for example, if you are writing some instructions and you need to refer back to some preliminary steps. Creating an anchor at that section and then linking to the section with a phrase will make writing the article easier.
  • Skipping Steps- for longer articles and for instructions where users may not need to complete every step in some situations, anchors provide a way for the user to skip steps they don't need to complete and go on to a later one.

Creating an Anchor

Creating an anchor is a simple task. Just be sure that you have the correct titles for all anchors in the links that you create for them. To create the linking anchor, you first create the anchor at the point you want the link to go to. For example, if you want the words, "Getting Started" to be your go to point in an article so that you do not have to repeadtedly refer to the steps, that would be your anchor.

To create an anchor

1. Go to the portion of text where you would like to create your anchor.

2. Before the text, type:

{anchor: NameofAnchor}

3. In the place where you want to insert a link to the anchor, type the following:

[TitleofLink|# NameofAnchor]

In the "TitleofLink" area, type the title you wish to call your link. If you are using anchors for references, numbers are useful to organize sources. If you are linking to a previous or later section, the title of that section would be appropriate.

To link to a specific section on a different page

1. On the wiki page where you want to link, click the Wiki Markup tab.

2. Find the section you want to create an anchor to, and then type:


3. Save the wiki page, and then go to the page where you want to create the link.

4. Click the Wiki Markup tab, and then scroll to the area to create the link.

5. Type the following

[Link Title|Space tag: Page Name #Nameof Anchor]

6. Save you page, and then test your anchor.


Space tag is a short, three letter tag for each Wiki space. For example bb8 for Blackboard 8 or wug for Wiki Users Group. These tags can be see in the address of a wiki page.

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