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  • Permissions and Access to Wiki Spaces
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Access to the wiki by individuals that already have University of Saskatchewan NSID username and password. This page describes steps for wiki space owners to grant access to their wiki spaces UofS contributors.


  1. Login to the wiki and go to the wiki space you would like to change the permissions.
  2. Click on the "Browse" drop down menu by your name at the top right of the window and choose "Space Admin" from the menu.

Once in the Space Admin page choose "Permissions" from the left side menu. Edit the "Group Permissions" to include one of the groups you need and click Save All.
The groups available for general access by the Campus community are:

  1. uofs_staff
  2. uofs_students
  3. uofs_alumni
  4. uofs_guests 

Tips & Warnings

  • New guest access to the wiki will only be enabled via the guest registration system. (as of January 2011)
  • Any usernames created prior to this new Guest Registration System to access the wiki system will remain active.
  • See guest access wiki page for more information on guest access to the wiki and how to create the accounts.
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