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  • How to upload a class list to a Wiki Space
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Instructors that wish to add a class list to a Wiki Space's Permissions should download the NSID's of students in the class from PAWS. A simple "copy-paste" of the class list of NSID's (separated by a comma) can be pasted to a Confluence Wiki Space permissions.  Entering the class members in this manner requires manual maintenance of the permissions for the space.

There are new class and employee groups that can be used with the space permissions and these groups are maintained automatically by the registration system. If you would like to use these new groups please see the information on this page: Group Naming Convention

Please contact if you have any issues or concerns.

Steps to set permissions using class list from PAWS

Step 1: Login to PAWS

Step 2: Go to the "Course Tools" in "My Courses" under the "Academics Tab"

Step 3: Click on the name of the Course for which you require a class list. You will see the Course Homepage

Step 4: Under the Configuration Tools click on "Members"

Step 5: Click on "Click here to download the member list " link

Step 6: Download the Excel document with NSID's as shown below.

Step 7: Login to Confluence Wiki at

Step 8: Click on your class wiki space

Step 9: Go to the Space Permissions (Under the Browse menu at the top of the page choose Space Admin then click the Permissions on the left menu)

Step 10: Click Edit Permissions then select all NSID's from the downloaded Excel classlist in a comma-separated list and paste the NSID's into the "Individual User's" input box. Click "Add".

Step 11: Assign appropriate permissions for each class member as required by checking the various checkboxes

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  1. Can I upload any .csv document with NSIDs?

    1. Hi Christina,

      Sorry I did not notice your comment right away.

      You will have to copy and then paste in the permission field a comma separated list of NSID's (Step 10 above). If you have a csv list of NSID's already you would simply copy and paste that list.

      Some csv files put quotation marks around text, for example "abc123", "zyx321", the field Grant browse permission to will not work with the quotation marks around the usernames.

      If you need further help with this please let me know. I now have a watch on this page so I will be notified right away when a comment is posted.