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  • How to set permissions to allow a class to access a wiki space
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Since upgrading the Confluence wiki server in August 2010, setting up a wiki space permissions to allow a class or section is very easy to do. The new server now uses the uLDAP ID management system where class groups are automatically maintained. 

When you search for groups in the wiki space permissions you can now search for subjects in the class tab. Groups now exist for entire class subjects as well as the individual sections and tutorial/lab sections.

If you would like to use the individual class list from PAWS to setup the permissions manually for your space, this is still possible although the benefit of using the groups on the uLDAP is the automatic nature of the group memberships. NOTE: students registered in a class stay members of the group for 1 months past the end of the class, except in the case of dropped classes, membership is removed from the class if a student drops a class.

For steps to add a class list of individuals to the permissions please see the page: How to upload a class list to a Wiki Space

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