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Access to the wiki by individuals that do not have University of Saskatchewan NSID username and password is available through the Guest Access registration. This page describes steps for wiki space owners to grant access to their wiki spaces to non-UofS contributors.


  1. Guest should complete the guest registration and activation process. The registration page is
  2. Upon successful registration and account activation, this new guest account USERNAME should now be given to the wiki space owner.
  3. The wiki space owners can enable access to their space(s) with this new account. The wiki space owner/admin should add the account USERNAME to the space permissions. If you wish to grant access to your space to all registered guests you can use the group "uofs_guests" for the group permissions.

    "uofs_guests" group access

    If you grant access to your space to the "uofs_guests" group, this will allow access to your wiki to all currently registered guests at the U of S.


    Guests should login at the guest login link. (

Tips & Warnings

  • New guest access to the wiki will only be enabled via the guest registration system. (as of January 2011)
  • Any usernames created prior to this new Guest Registration System to access the wiki system will remain active.
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