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Information and advice on what to do if your phone was reset to factory settings (or perhaps upgraded to a new device) and the "Microsoft Authenticator" application is no longer allowing you to approve USask MFA requests.

This content applies to:

  • All Faculty, Staff, Students, and Alumni.


  • Android
  • iOS


Try the following steps when Microsoft Authenticator no longer works on your phone to approve Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) requests because your phone was factory reset or it was replaced with a different phone:

  1. Visit My Profile

  2. When challenged for your MFA, click the link in the box saying "Not able to sign-in with your preferred method? Click here to update your multi-factor authentication preferences":

  3. You many be prompted to sign in, otherwise skip to step 4.
    1. Sign in with your and click Next.

      If you are having issues logging in using the My Profile page, refer to How do I add or modify Multi Factor Authentication options 

    2. Enter your password and click Sign in.

  4. On the Approve sign in request, click Sign in another way.

  5. Click one of your alternate methods.

    Please contact IT Support Services if you do not have any working alternate MFA methods.

  6. Depending on your selection, enter the code.

  7. If prompted, Click No on "Stay signed in?" prompt.

  8. Remove the non-functional Microsoft Authenticator option(s). If you have more than one device such as an iPAD using Microsoft Authenticator, leave the functional one alone and just delete the one that isn't working for you:

  9. To create a new connection with the Microsoft Authenticator application, follow this guide and choose the option "Microsoft Authenticator App on Your Smartphone (Recommended Method)".

  10. If you are not able to complete these steps successfully please let us know; create a service request so that we may contact you to assist: