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Updated: 4/02/2020

Effective immediately
, the University of Saskatchewan is taking the following measures to manage shipments-to campus and services occurring on campus during the COVID-19 outbreak. The University of Saskatchewan is working with the campus community to keep deliveries to a minimum through this time in order to support Saskatchewan Health Authority directives.

Effective April 1, all Suppliers, Couriers, and Service Providers may deliver goods, without prior approval, to the locations indicated below. Only products specifically consigned for these units will be accepted. 

  • VIDO-Intervac, Shipping and Receiving
  • Western College of Veterinary Medicine, Shipping and Receiving
  • College of Agriculture and Bioresources, Shipping and Receiving
  • The Central Heating and Cooling Plant, Shipping and Receiving
  •  Facilities Warehouse, Shipping and Receiving.

Deliveries Referencing a Facilities Purchase Order

Deliveries generated by a Facilities Purchase Order (starts with FM) may be delivered, without prior approval

Deliveries to closed locations must follow the guidelines below.

  • Contact ConnectionPoint at (306) 966-2000 for instructions prior to attempting to deliver goods or come on campus to perform services
  • Leave a message with ConnectionPoint and they will be called back with further instructions as soon as possible

  • Any delivery must be labelled with proper consignee detail including a name, department, and address details
  • Packages/shipments without proper labelling detail risk rejection

Affiliated Entity Deliveries

Please make independent arrangements with these organizations for delivery.

    • Prairie Swine Centre
    • Canadian Light Source
    • Sylvia Fedoruk Centre

Faculty, Staff, and Researchers will be advised when their shipment is ready for delivery and the measures that will need to be followed to maintain social distancing.  For the short-term, only critical/core service deliveries and/or COVID-19 related deliveries will be forwarded to their final destinations.