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This is the home page for the Centre for Discovery in Learning space.

A posting for your review: Drummond Report in Ontario


The Centre for Discovery in Learning is a research centre created to build capacity and generate outcomes in the scholarship of university teaching and learning.

Like the Gwenna Moss Centre for Teaching Effectiveness, the CDL is affiliated with the University Learning Centre.

  • The University Learning Centre is an academic service and support unit focusing on partnerships to support student learning.
  • The Gwenna Moss Centre is a teaching support unit focusing on partnerships to help faculty, instructors, sessional lecturers, and graduate students develop and hone their teaching skills.

Specifically the mandate of the Centre for Discovery in Learning is to:

  • enhance the scholarship of research in higher education at the University of Saskatchewan
  • promote, support, and acknowledge research and scholarship in education at the university level at the U of S
  • help develop researcher skills in this area among interested scholars (through seminars and workshops, mentoring, and peer support, etc.)
  • increase productivity in research and related scholarly work (conference publications, published articles, invited presentations, etc.)

Steering Committee

Provide general direction and oversight of the CDL

  • Chaired by the Director (Marcel D'Eon, Medicine) with 4-6 meetings per year, more as the centre is being established
  • Broad strategic direction and ideas for the programs of the CDL
  • Advice on the criteria by which the success of the CDL will be evaluated.
  • Members (up to 7) will be faculty from a variety of departments and colleges with interest and expertise in this research area
  • The Director of the University Learning Centre would be an ex-officio member (Jim Greer)
  • Members: Lesley Biggs (Women and Gender Studies), Dan Pennock (College of Agriculture and Bioresources), Linda Ferguson (Nursing), Laurie Hellsten (Educational Psychology), Rob Pywell (Physics and Engineering Physics), Allan Dolovich (Mechanical Engineering), Baljit Singh (Veterinary Medicine), Kim West (Gwenna Moss Centre), Brad Wuetherick (Gwenna Moss Centre)
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