The Medical Education Wiki is a reference site for people interested in education of our future doctors set up through Faculty Development  in the College of Medicine, University of Saskatchewan. It was originally created by Deirdre Bonnycastle. It is currently managed by

Education Principle

“Medicine is a calling, a call to service. The patient-centered curriculum reflects this noble tradition of commitment to
individual patients, their families and community.
The physician's covenant is a promise to be fully present to patients in their time of need - to ‘be there’,
even when the physician can offer no cure, to provide relief whenever possible, and always to offer comfort and compassion.”

– Curriculum Philosophy. Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry

In my past year and in reviews of many reforms and innovations, I see one major theme that results in better medical education.

Anyone that invests more time in a focus on the medical student where they are in learning and helping them

to remove their own barriers and the barriers that we introduce in our medical education, does a better job.

Those bold enough to attempt problem based, case based, scheme based, community based, are invested in the students

and their learning and not surprisingly they respond.

-Dr. Robert Bowman 

"We teach what we like to learn and the reason many people go into teaching is vicariously to re-experience 
the primary joy experienced the first time they learned something they love."

Dr. Stephen Brookfield

"A poor surgeon hurts 1 person at a time.  A poor teacher hurts 130." 

Dr. Ernest Leroy Boyer


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Remote/Virtual Teaching Tips

Clinical Teaching Techniques

Classroom Teaching Techniques

How Do Medical Students Learn?

The Goal of Learning

Learning is viewed here as developing a way of thinking and acting that is characteristic of an expert community. Such a way of thinking consists of three important elements: 

  1. the knowledge that represents phenomena in the subject domain
  2. the thinking activities that construe, modify and use this knowledge to interpret situations in that domain and
  3. to act in them.
Billet, 1996
Situated learning: bridging sociocultural and cognitive theorizing
Learning and Instruction,

Teaching Technologies

Mindful Practice

University of Rochester program
Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction; Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn
Epstein, R. (2017). Attending: medicine, mindfulness, and humanity. Simon and Schuster.

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