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Table of Contents

Saskatchewan Legislation Research Guide


Queen's Printer

  • Government and Private Bills are listed by year on the Queen's Printer website. These are Bills proposed by the government. Bills are list by year and categorized by Government Bills, Private Bills and Private Members' Bills.


Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan

  • The Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan site provides a list of current Bills. These are arranged alphabetically with Dates Considered and Bill numbers that link directly to the Bills. The Progress of Bills link gives the number of the Bill, the MLA that introduced the Bill, dates of First, Second and Third Readings, and Royal Assent.

Law Society of Saskatchewan

  • The Law Society of Saskatchewan also has a useful link for updating Bills. For detailed, current information on the status of Bills, consult the Law Society's Bills table. Information provided include the name of the act amended, Bill and Chapter numbers, sections amended, readings dates, dates of Royal Assent, dates in effect and retroactive Coming into Force dates.

Acts & Regulations

Queen's Printer

  • For Saskatchewan Acts & Regulations go to the Queen's Printer website.
  • Consolidated Statutes are listed alphabetically. Clicking the link to a specific Act will open a summary page that provides information as to when the act came into force, amending statutes or other associated documents such as regulations. To open an act select the View Document link located in the Download Now box.
  • Private Acts govern only those persons or groups on whose behalf an Act was passed
  • The Separate Chapters link contains Statutes or Third Reading Bills that form the annual bound print statutes (public and private).
  • Regulations are made by authority of a statute and carry out provisions of the statute. The regulations are listed by number.
  • The Legislative Tables of Acts and Regulations link provides the titles of the Acts listed alphabetically, chapter numbers, amendments and effective or coming into force dates. The Tables of Regulations lists regulations by Act. There are separate tables for Public Statutes A-IPublic Statutes J-Z and Private Acts.
  • The Tables of Regulations contain effective revised regulations and amendments, published in Part II of the Saskatchewan Gazette, and effective new regulations that have not been revised are published in Part III. Part I of the Gazette publishes government notices, orders in council and specific private notices published by statute.
  • The Tables of Regulations provides the regulation number, the date that the regulation or amendment was published in the Saskatchewan Gazette, and effective dates.
  • The Table of Repealed and Obsolete Regulations should be consulted for information on revised and unrevised regulations that have been appealed and their amendments.
  • Consult also the Justice Update link for developments in legislation.

Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan

Law Society of Saskatchewan

  • It is important to know when at statute comes into force. These dates are known either as proclamation dates or Coming into Force dates. A statute may be in force on the date it received Royal Assent or at a future date. The Saskatchewan Proclamations link on the Law Society of Saskatchewan website provides information on proclamations as they are received. The names acts, citations, specific sections and coming into force dates are provided. The table lists only those statutes requiring future CIF dates. Statutes coming into force on assent are not included.
  • The Law Society of Saskatchewan has a Legislation Update - Regulations table. Information includes regulations listed by act, regulation number, Gazette publication information and dates, regulations and sections amended and dates in force.

Historic Documents

Queen's Printer


Background Information

The Legislative Assembly Publications link provides access to the following:

  • Debates and Proceedings - Also known as Hansards, these are verbatim reports of daily current and past sessions.
  • Committee Branch - Current and past sessions of Standing, Select and Special Committees

House Documents

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