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MESH - A Community Hydrology - Land Surface Model

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Official standalone MESH release page

  • Standalone MESH releases
  • Additional documentation
  • Example model runs and setup (Whitegull, Brightwater, SSRB)

Global Institute for Water Security

Changing Cold Regions Network (CCRN)

Razavi's Watershed Systems Analysis and Modelling Lab

Green Kenue

University of Saskatchewan Centre for Hydrology


Improved Processes & Parameterization for Prediction in Cold Regions (IP3)

Drought Research Initiative (DRI)

Dynamically Dimensioned Search Algorithm

University of Waterloo Environmental Modellling and Analysis Group

Pre- and Post-Processing Scripts, and bash scripts:

  • This also includes links to the MESHr, CRHMr, and CSHS hydRology packages

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