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MESH - A Community Hydrology - Land Surface Model

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Keys for seven meteorological input variables appear in the "climate_forcing_file_keys" variable type. The keys are based upon the equivalent variable names from the Standard File reference used by Environment Canada. These keys replace the older naming convention used for forcing variables. However, the older naming convention may still appear in output files and some input configuration files, so the variable names are cross-listed here for reference.

Common NameUnitsIn-code KeyStandard File ReferenceOld In-code ReferenceWMO Reference 
 Shortwave Radiation W m-2 FBFB FS(to be populated)
 Longwave Radiation W m-2 FIFI FDL
 Precipitation Rate m s-1 PR PR PRE
 Air Temperature K TT TT TA
 Wind Speed* m s-1 UV UV UL*
 Surface Air Pressure Pa P0 P0 PRES
 Specific Humidity kg kg-1 HU HU QA

 * UL is tied to the zonal component of the wind velocity in CLASS. This variable has been used denote wind speed, which is more appropriately defined as UV. UV is the combination of the UL and VL components of the wind velocity. The Standard File reference for UL is UU and for VL is VV.