MESH - A Community Hydrology - Land Surface Model

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CLASS 3.6 Technical Documentation

MESH documents

MESH Preparation Tutorial.docx
Notes on Overland Flow
Notes on Interflow
Interflow parameters
WATDRN technical paper

Drainage database processing

Many of these documents overlap in terms of their content. One part of the documentation that is currently lacking is a description of how to change the map file in a text editor to work with the BSN.exe program. The "Ecodistrict..." document contains some information about how to make the appropriate changes, but we have yet to really document this process properly. One point of contention among those in the WATFLOOD/MESH community is how to properly deal with DEMs to get the appropriate basin boundary. If you have a shape file that you consider to be the true basin boundary, you will want your basin boundary from Green Kenue to match this shape file. Some of the documents below contain instructions to clip the DEM, using the "true" basin boundary shape file, in order to ensure that Green Kenue creates the boundary that you want. However, the developers of Green Kenue strongly recommend against this approach. The "Creating a MAP file with Green Kenue" document has some information about other approaches that could be used, but again we have yet to provide more comprehensive documentation on some of these other approaches. An alternate approach is to use the National Rivers and Lakes base map, which is included with Green Kenue. The last document reviews this method and provides new instructions for saving the shed file directly using Green Kenue, without requiring the BSN.exe program.

SSRB land cover data processing
SSRB watershed file processing
Ecodistrict Based MESH Drainage Database File Preparation
Creating a MAP file with Green Kenue

FST2R2C - Program to convert FST data format to R2C data format

FST2R2C Manual and Source code - Version 1.pdf

How to Build and Run Open source programs

These documents explain how to install the Eclipse developer environment and install the open-source GNU compilers (either of the Cygwin or MinGW distribution). They also provide instructions for compiling Standalone MESH from the code repository.

A quick guide to build and run open source programs - for windows operating system
Installing Photran with Eclipse (MinGW or Cygwin)
Tips for using Eclipse
Compiling Standalone MESH with Eclipse (Cygwin or MinGW)