MESH - A Community Hydrology - Land Surface Model

Etienne Gaborit presented on the “Implementation of GEM-Hydro (SVS land-surface scheme + Watroute routing scheme) on the Hudson Bay watershed."



    "The presentation will describe the implementation of the GEM-Hydro model to simulate streamflows of tributaries flowing into the Hudson Bay. For most of the areas around the Hudson Bay, the model was implemented at a low resolution of 0.5 degree, but at a higher resolution for the  Nelson and Churchill river basins, in order to better represent the many reservoirs of these catchments. Simulations were performed from 2007 to 2012 with the Canadian Precipitation Analysis (CaPA). Results reveal very satisfying after manual tuning of the reservoir coefficients, but even more after a global calibration of the SVS parameters for the Nelson and Churchill basins. For most of the Hudson Bay tributaries, simulations were deemed satisfying enough without automatic calibration."


A recording of the webex can be found here:

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