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This is the home page for the Blackboard Template Wiki space. Please contact Carrie Gates at EMAP or the ITS Help Desk for any questions you may have or to arrange permissions for new wiki contributors.


Blackboard 9


  1. Blackboard 9 Discussion
  2. Blackboard Template Meeting Notes
  3. Blackboard Template Responsibilities
  4. Blackboard To Do List
  5. Blackboard Ideas
  6. Blackboard Initiatives at Other Universities
  7. Links


  1. SAIT WebCT Taxonomy
  2. Course Taxonomy
  3. Template for Course Development (Learning Module Template)
  4. Syllabus Template

Information about Specific Tools

  1. Discussion Boards




  1. Blackboard 9 Visual Elements Tech List and Template Themes
  2. Blackboard 9 Visual Design Mockups
  3. Blackboard Icons

Blackboard 8

  1. Blackboard 8 Template Downloads and Instructions
  2. Blackboard 8 Template User Guide
  3. Blackboard 8 Template Change Discussions

Wiki Introduction

Wikis are a wonderful way to share information and collaborate with others asynchronously in a streamlined, organized online environment.  They allow you to easily mark up text, images, and other data into clean-looking webpages that are easy to share, edit, and back up.  Pages are joined together by links, and pages are easy to create by using the "Add" button (select "Page" from the "Add" drop down menu).  Permissions can be set by an administrator so that certain pages are only accessible to the relevant people, making it a great choice for large and small scale collaborative projects.

If you have access to other Confluence wiki spaces at the U of S, you will not be able to view all of them through the "Dashboard" home page as you usually do.  When accessing Confluence wikis through Blackboard courses, Blackboard gives you a unique ID (name) that corresponds to your profile in the Blackboard course you are registered in (this is why you may see some unusual numbers and letters after your name at the top of the page).  This Blackboard/Confluence profile is unique to the course, so that only registered students can access it during the time they are taking the course. If you log out of your Blackboard course and into the Confluence Wiki system directly, all of your other wikis will be viewable, but not the wikis that are linked to directly from inside Blackboard courses.

A great way to become more familiar with the U of S Confluence wiki system is to start a personal wiki for yourself and start experimenting.  You can do this by logging out of Blackboard and into the Confluence Wiki system directly with your NSID.  From the Confluence Dashboard (like a homepage), you can find information about how to get started with creating your own wiki.  It's easy, and a professional looking way to share your academic work with others. 

You can even set up RSS feeds to send your wiki updates out automatically to your RSS subscribers.

 Contact the ITS Help Desk if you need further assistance.

Need more assistance?

  1. ITS offers training classes for using Wikis
  2. Contact the ITS Help Desk at

RSS Feed

Here is a customized RSS Feed for this blog.  Anyone can use it, but you can also make and customize your own Confluence wiki feed from the Confluence homepage:

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